Vienna – Historic Buildings You’ll Love

One of the biggest attractions of Vienna is the exquisite architecture that you can sample in so many areas of the city. It’s easy to just take a stroll and enjoy the thrill of discovering yet another beautiful building. Or, you can grab a map and set out to find some of the historic buildings that are considered the finest in Vienna.

The Belvedere is a good place to start. It was originally Prince Eugene’s summer palace, and was originally built on the southern outskirts of Vienna. Nowadays the Belvedere houses a number of important museums of Austrian art, so you can get a dose of culture once you’ve finished admiring the building itself. Another summer palace, the Schönbrunn, was built to rival Versailles near Paris, and is well worth visiting on a guided tour. Historical Buildings in Calgary

The Hofburg is probably the most well known historic building in Vienna. It was once the palace of Franz Joseph, and is a great way to discover the beauty and elegance of the imperial lifestyle. You can also visit parts of the baroque Winter Palace of Prince Eugene, with the main staircase a breathtaking display of craftsmanship. There are a number of other palaces dotted around Vienna, but most of these are only visible from the outside.

If you want some history to go with your historic building, rather than just admirable architecture, then take a look at Sigmund Freud’s house. This has been lovingly restored, and Freud lived there from 1891 through to 1938. It now houses a fascinating museum, giving great insight into the famous man through the collection of photographs and documents.

You can also visit the Figarohaus, which is a stunning old Baroque building. Mozart and his family lived here for three years between 1784 and 1787. It’s where he composed ‘The Marriage of Figaro’, which explains its name. There are also a number of residences around Vienna where Beethoven lived at various times. The Pasqualati Haus incorporates a museum about Beethoven, and the Heiligenstadt Testament House, where Beethoven stayed while attempting to cure his deafness, also contains a memorial to the great composer.

If you’re interested in historic buildings, there’s no doubt that Vienna will provide you with plenty to visit and admire. So grab a guidebook or a map, and enjoy the beautiful and interesting buildings that Vienna has to offer.


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