Relative Burdens of Medical Malpractice

Annually there are constant large numbers of medical malpractice cases being reported, and perhaps there are still some which are unreported. Medical malpractice has become a serious concern of every patient in most countries, including the United States. Alongside this potential problem is the source of hesitation for even more patients to undergo medical operation. Hawaii medical malpractice

Basically, medical or health care malpractice occurs whenever the doctor or medical personnel fail to abide by the established procedure and quality. Medical malpractice certainly has numerous burdensome effects not only to the patient and the family but also with all the parties involved.

Initially, medical negligence which has the effect of preventing the patient from engaging to do his or her regular work or business has a drastic effect on the family’s economic well being, especially when the person hit by such mishap is the bread winner. Not only that a person is deprived of his current work and wages but also the earning potential which is expected to accrue in the future.

Social and emotional stress might be the next consequence of being permanently disabled due to medical malpractice. Surely there will be general changes in the lifestyle and the way of living. The patient may no longer be able to perform the activities he or she regularly did prior to the medical procedure. Injuries caused by malpractice can also deprive a person of his or her social life.

Injuries or complications acquired brought about by medical malpractice would definitely entail additional medical expenses. The victim is lucky enough if the complication can be aided shortly or would just require a single medical therapy, or perhaps an additional corrective surgery. A bigger problem is onset if the resulting condition would require the patient to undergo long term therapy or to take lifetime supporting medications.

Some patients who were victims of medical malpractices complain of a constant feeling of pain related to the injury. Physical disfigurement can be an embarrassing side-effect for some. And lastly, the more devastating effect of any medical malpractice is the emotional trauma that can last forever.

The irreparable damages are not only burdened by the victims themselves but also with those medical professionals or personnel involved. Aside from the possible court case they have to defend and damages they have to incur, their profession is also at risk.

Doctors and all other health care providers proven to be negligent and commit medical malpractice can be discharged from their existing positions. Depending on the gravity of the offense, they may be deprived of their licenses and the opportunity to be employed in any medical related profession

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