Most Effective Skincare Products – What Ingredients to Look For in a Skincare Product

With money, you can buy virtually anything. Even beautiful skin.

You’ve probably heard about the legendary La Mer. The rich and famous clamour after that miracle cream. Then there is the myriad of beauty procedures like botox, dermabrasion and chemical peels which are available at the doctor’s clinic. If all else fails, there are the collagen jabs and face lift surgeries that promise to give you back your youthful looks, or at least take the wrinkles away. All these cost a lot of money and are beyond the means of anyone on a modest budget.

Thankfully, skincare regimens need not be prohibitively expensive.

Women with very oily skin may be able to get away with washing their faces with soap and water.

In fact, some women have even been making skincare products in the kitchen from their personal use using honey, eggs and oatmeal. A mask of whipped egg white is said to lift the skin albeit temporarily. A mask of honey moisturizes the skin. You can make a simple cleanser by mixing oatmeal with water and using that to cleanse your face.  broad spectrum cbd oil These to be used immediately.

If homemade skincare scares you or if you prefer brand name skincare, you can always use discounts to get the skincare you want and stay within your beauty budget.

Skin care products range from the very affordable (cheaper in fact then some of the home made skin care beauty treats), to the prohibitively expensive and the right skincare in the lower cost range would work better for you than the wrong skincare products from the costliest range.

The trick in getting serious skincare within your budget is to know your skin’s real needs.

First, identify your skin type.

Is your skin

1. Dry – skin feels taut, dry and maybe parched. May even be flaky.

2. Normal to dry – cheeks feel dry and tight but forehead, nose and chin are comfortable.

3. Normal – perfect in that it feels comfortable yet not at all greasy.

4. Normal to oily – slightly shiny on the nose, forehead and chin by noon, but okay on the cheeks. May have the occasional pimple

5. Oily to very oily – Shiny by noon. May be prone to blackheads and pimples.

Whatever skincare range you buy, go for the sort made for your skin type, or for all skin types. If yours is combination skin (oily nose, forehead and chin, dry cheeks), you could use skincare for oily skin on your forehead nose and chin but skincare for normal or dry skin on your cheeks. The trick is not how much you spend but how suitable the skincare is for you.


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