Medical Colleges And Their Hefty Fee

Last year a medical college in Tamil Nadu had raised the cost of application forms of entrance exams to RS 25 thousand and the students who qualify had to again buy another form for 5 thousand Indian Rupees. Now you can guess the fee of this medical college could not be cheaper, of course it was not. The tuition fee of this college was 7.5 lakh annually .Some of the parents have also admitted that few other medical colleges have demanded even more and some of the college officials have even asked for capitation fee ranging from Rs. 27 lakh to Rs. 45 lakh. Medical study is probably one of the most expensive studies in India. Parents understand the money and the reputation a doctor gets and therefore do not mind paying a huge amount for it. It is also a truth that a doctor makes a good amount of money in India and in foreign countries they are in great demand. But for the students from not so well to do families, it is really a struggle to get the medical degree. Most of these students get these degrees through education loans. You can buy latest news images to know more about the medical colleges and their fee structure in India.

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In India, doctor is considered as a form of God. You cannot get the certification of being God so easily. First you have to spend good amount of money to purchase application forms, then you have to struggle a lot to get seat in good medical colleges. Then comes the time to study hard and pay even bigger amount in the form of annual tuition fee. In dental colleges you have to buy many study based material like instruments, fillings etc as well apart from the books which again requires huge amount of money. Five years later when you get your MBBS or BAMS or BDMS certificates, your new kind of struggle starts. Where to go next? MBAs and Engineering students often got jobs through campus selection but it is not same for medical students. There are some medical colleges in India like AIIMS, CMC Vellore, AFMC Pune, JIPMER Puducherry, Maulana Azad Medical College Delhi, MMC Chennai, Seth GS Medical College Mumbai, Kasturba Medical College Manipal etc where students need not think much of their future. These colleges are some of the top medical colleges in India. Getting admission in these colleges is guarantee enough of a golden future but for remaining yet more struggle follows. You can buy exclusive images of these top medical colleges in India to know more.

With few exceptions students do not get placements through campus recruitment in medical colleges. They first have to get internships. Some of them go for MS which makes them specialized in specific field of medicine, of course again lots of money gets involved here as well. After MS and internship they can apply for job in some hospital to serve us. Most of the doctors open their own clinics, no need to say here again they have to flow a big amount of money. But in the end everything goes well when the doctor starts earning money. It is very much true that the reputation and the money a doctor can earn are almost impossible in any other profession.

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