Do You Want to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

With spring just around the corner, an annual trend lies on the near horizon. Cities across the nation are gearing up for their yearly home shows, where winter-weary homeowners can taste test the newest and greatest home redecorating elements the industry has to offer. For most homeowners, topping the list of rooms most desirous and worthy of a makeover is the kitchen, and the most coveted product in that room is new kitchen cabinets. Hence, it’s likely that many show attendees will be making a beeline straight to the kitchen cabinet manufacturers.

If you’re planning on attending one of these extravaganzas, how can you outsmart the crowd and make the most of your quest for new cabinetry? Here are some basic tips:

1. Come prepared. – Scope out the list of exhibitors beforehand and make a list of those you’d most like to visit. It will be helpful to arm yourself with a layout map of the show, with each desired stop marked. That way, if you find one kitchen cabinet manufacturer overly swamped, you can always head to the next one that’s closest by. You’ll save yourself both time and frustration.
2. Ask for hard copy documentation and take notes. – You’re probably going to be visiting so many kitchen cabinet manufacturers that by the time you get home, you won’t be able to remember one from the other. A catalog, pamphlet or brochure from you favorites can serve as a jot pad on which you can write down precisely what did and did not catch your eye about their products.
3. Take part in a seminar. – Typically free of charge, these presentations afford you the opportunity to sit down with a kitchen cabinet manufacturer and pick their brains. Not sure whether cabinetry refinishing or refacing is right for you? Then now is your opportunity to ask.
4. Don’t be shy. – If you’d like to ask a question or obtain more information, engage in small talk with the booth’s representative. There’s nothing to be afraid of; after all, they’re there to help. If the kitchen cabinet manufacturing rep is extra busy, request a business card and pose the question, “When would be a good time to follow up with you?”  cabinet refacing design
5. Look for contests and be sure to enter them. – You just might find yourself walking away with new kitchen cabinets free of charge!
6. Have cash at your disposal. – Many on-the-spot deals can be struck at home shows, but they’ll do you no good if you can’t get in while the getting is good. Most home shows provide access to ATM machines, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring you checkbook along as well.

Spring home shows provide the perfect forum to check out all that the new kitchen cabinet manufacturing world has to offer. And with a little advance prep work and some savvy navigational strategies, you can maximize your chances of finding exactly what you’re looking for: the new kitchen cabinetry you’ve been dreaming of at a price tag you can afford.


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