CPAP Machines – What Are the Basics for Treating Your Snoring Problems?

To control sleep apnea and stop snoring the CPAP is the most preferred method used. This method requires the use of a pressurized mask that is to be worn, over your nose, as you sleep. There is attached to the mask a small pump which pumps air into your airway. This results in keeping your airway passage open while sleeping. This method is preferred by many doctors for their patients, but also can be uncomfortable. CPAP Batteries

CPAP forces air into you airways, but does not do the breathing for you. This treatment keeps your airways open so that you can inhale as you sleep. At the current time, the best non-invasive treatment is the CPAP treatment for snoring.

This treatment would be determined by a specialist in the field of Otolaryngology. This individual would be the one to decide if this treatment is right for you. If the Otolaryngologist agrees that this treatment is for you, then you will be wearing a mask nightly. It is not, however, as simple as putting on a mask.

You will also need to make some lifestyle changes as well. Such as quite smoking, lose weight and add a exercise program. These are necessary changes to help in the treatment of snoring. Many prefer the CPAP treatment because of what was available previously for treatment. Before CPAP, tracheotomy was the treatment available. Tracheotomy is, simply put, is an invasive surgery. This surgery allowed the doctors to open the windpipe on a temporary basis.

Another reason for the popularity of CPAP is its success rate of one hundred per cent. And that no surgery is involved. The major difference between surgery and the CPAP treatment is that CPAP does not alleviate or cure the condition of snoring (sleep apnea) on a permanent basis and surgery does. Unlike it is with surgery, while you wear the mask you will be fine. However, when the mask is removed the problem returns. The difficulty of using this treatment (CPAP) while traveling is this one complaint, and the biggest, is anyone who suffers from claustrophobia should not use this for of treatment.

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