Affordable Wood Replacement Windows

Wood replacement windows are able to return an old home into to its former splendor. Although wood windows are past indulgence, they are still a great option for renovating a historic home. Aluminum and vinyl windows don’t add the luster that wood windows provide. Depending on the time period of your home, you want to keep everything consistent. It is best to try to match a few wooden windows with the ones already used in the home. Sometimes if you can just replace the standard single-pane glass. There are several options to installing wood replacement windows that are affordable.

Vintage glass has a classic wavy look to it and is hard to part with. If this is the case you may wish to replace the sashes, add spacers and a pane of glass. This keeps the older look of the window, but also saving energy. Finding a contractor who is experienced enough in this type of wood window replacement may be a challenge. It also tends to be an expensive project, but it is the best way to revitalize your windows without becoming too modern. Wood replacement windows do require more maintenance than vinyl or aluminum because they need regular painting or staining.

There are various types of windows to choose from. Single and double hung windows are typical windows with two glass panes, one moves up and down which allows the window to open. Sliding windows are similar to double hung, but the window slides left to right to open instead of up and down. Casement windows are hinged on one side, and to open them they are pushed or cranked outward. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, while hopper windows are hinged on the bottom so that they swing open inside.

You need to decide whether you will install the wood window replacements or you will hire a professional. Whichever you decide, you should at least consult with with a professional before you start. If you are an experienced weekend warrior it will take around a few hours to replace each window. Installing the windows yourself may save you close to $100 per window, but be sure you understand about waterproofing or you could risk making mistake that could lead to damaging your window.

Consulting with a professional will help you to find special deals, and sales, a particular brand, retailer, or vendor. If you want to compare costs of professional contractors, make sure the estimate is for everything needed to complete the project including labor.

The average cost of a window replacement is between $300-$700 per window in an intact frame. The cost could get at high as an average of $1,000. For a one-story home, with ten windows, you could pay around $3,000-$10,000 and up. These prices should include the removal of the existing window, and install the new one. They will clean up and dispose of the removed window. Andersen Windows & Doors offers the 400 series, 200 series, and Architectural line at $270-$2300 for double hung wood replacement windows.

Extra costs can be involved for issues such as dry rot or other damages to the existing window. That area may require repairs prior to installation of the new one. Also, replacing windows that aren’t the standard size can cause additional expense.


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